Tuesday, January 17, 2012

eurasian wigeon and old squaw paintings (with progress shots!)

Oh boy, where to begin.
My grandfather came to me and asked if I could do paintings for my uncles. One of them recovering from being very ill. They are former duck hunters and have a wide collection of duck taxidermy (which is where I get my affinity for it from.) I had to "secretly" get the names of their favorite ducks from my grandmother and grandfather, which proved to be a bit of a task.. haha. This christmas I did an awesome job at surprising them with these ^_^ I printed them out 13 x 19, matted and framed them in 16 x 20 frames. They looked so pretty!! 

So long story short they loved them and so did everybody else at my Aunt's house. The end! 

Oh and, one of my Aunts asked me if I had done them in water color. I died of happiness that night. 

Oh and here are the progress shots for both of them! I finally remembered!

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