Friday, July 27, 2012

Jim Cummings

okay so, my brother and his girlfriend recently went to Connecticon a few weeks ago. My brother was all kinds of excited because his favorite voice actor Jim Cummings was going to be there. About 2 weeks before the convention my brother and his girlfriend came to me and asked if I could do a portrait of Jim with all (well as many as I could fit) the characters he has voiced over the years.
So yadda yadda, long story short I had 3 prints made, one for me, one for my brother's girlfriend to have signed and one for Jim! They went and gave it to him and he absolutely LOVED it! Below are pictures my brother took with his cellphone of his girlfriend holding her signed copy. My brother also got a nice little thank you video from Jim for me which was all kinds of neat ^_^. 

yeah.. a famous person owns a piece of my artwork. yes.

Maggie and Jim!

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